Welcome to our NEW online program! Have fun & BE SAFE!

Free for Life :)

Kong Academy empowers kids by teaching social-emotional education through the most natural way kids learn:


Use these FREE follow-along movement videos and off-screen activities to get your kid off the couch, moving around, and having fun. The videos are no longer than 10 minutes so there's no excuse to keep sitting around and playing that video game. You will access:

🌪️ Zombie, Lava, Hurricane 🌪️ - this follow-along movement video guides your child through one of our students' favorite games. It's super simple to play and can be played almost anywhere.

🏃‍♀️ 10min. Living Room Parkour class 🏃 - Living Room Parkour? Yes! In this short follow-along video, we will SAFELY go over a few parkour fundamentals and close out with a quick social-emotional skill talk. All your child needs is some open space and 3 pillows.

😎 7 Ways to Get Your Kids Moving 😎 - This is a printable PDF with 7 off-screen activities to get your kids moving right now. Each activity is created to develop a social-emotional skill, use your kid's creativity, and get their daily movement in!.

We invite you to play, move, and learn with us!

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