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Free for Life :) Move Along and Play with Us! 10 Minute Pillow Movement

10 Minute Pillow Movement

Grab some pillows, make a bit of space and start moving!

We'll go over different variations of ground-based movement and do a jump challenge! Just press play and have your kiddo follow along 😎

Use this video when your kid has been passively sitting for too long or needs a short break from homework to help them re-focus!

Throughout this session, your child is working their:

  • Physical health (cardiovascular health, bone health, muscular development)
  • Emotional health (physical activity allows children to have a better outlook on life by building confidence, managing anxiety and depression, and increasing self-esteem and cognitive skills)
  • Spatial awareness (where things are in relation to themselves)
  • Gross motor skills (energy, flexibility, and body awareness)

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