Join the Adventure! Accept the Crystal Shards Quest and Save the World!

Welcome to Kong Academy!

We Empower Kids 

Too often kids are treated as fragile and incapable.

Kong Academy empowers kids to become physically and emotionally strong through play and movement, because kids deserve the education they need to face and better the world.

Available Products

7-Day Crystal Shard Adventure

An immersive adventure for kids ages 6-8. A week (7 days) filled with fun and learning, where imagination takes the lead and every day brings a new blend of excitement for your child!

Our young explorers venture through enchanting realms, participating in 3-7 minute activities that seamlessly fuse:

  • Energizing physical exercises
  • Mind-boosting puzzles
  • Captivating mazes
  • Engaging math equations and
  • Twists and turns of delightful tongue twisters.

Play and Move with Coach Curt

All Kong Academy programs are built to empower kids physically and emotionally.

Kids love to move their bodies, play games, and have fun. Play and Move with Coach Curt is much more than that. 

Through fun movement activities, Curt teaches kids not only how to move their bodies but also all about making good choices and the real meaning of consequences.

    Play and Move with Coach Curt is an at-home program that was developed for children ages 6-8. It does not require any special equipment.

    Kids will learn through play, games, and movements such as ground-based movement, jumping, and rolling.

    Ninja Training KAlendar

    28 days of at-home activities that will get your child physically active, boost their creativity, encourage strategic thinking, and cultivate problem-solving skills.

    Just print the PDF for the day to get your kids moving, off the screens, and out of your hair.  

    best for ages 6-8

    Ultimate Play Date Package

    Introducing the Ultimate Play Date Package!

    A hassle-free solution for moms when it comes to kids' play dates. Packed with engaging and energy-burning activities, as well as sit-down fun options, it ensures endless entertainment for kids aged 6-8, leaving moms worry-free.

    Kong Fit Movement Package

    Kong Fit Movement for Kids gives you access to over 50 videos that will get your kid's hearts pumping, build coordination, and strengthen their muscles.

    All lessons include components of our social and emotional development curriculum. Your kids get to train their bodies, brains, and hearts at the same time: win-win-win!

    best for ages 6-8

    School Curriculum - FOR SCHOOLS ONLY!

    Welcome to the Kong Academy Curriculum!

    Social and Emotional Skills through Play and Parkour-based Movement

    Focus: Making Responsible Decisions.

    The curriculum includes everything you need to start teaching immediately:

    • Detailed Program Objectives
    • How to Use Common Language
    • General Teaching Practice
    • Risk Play Introduction
    • Class Rules
    • Consequence Structure
    • 8 Implementation Plans for 30-45 min Classes
    • Access to all necessary games and activities 
    • Training videos for all Parkour-based movements

    Any questions? Reach out to

    Thriving Kids Parenting Course

    Exhausted by the time the day starts?

    Fed up with energy-draining power struggles, never-ending negotiations, and the feeling you are just not "cut out" to be the parent you always wanted to be? 

    You are in the right place!

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