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moving lives through the power of play 

Too often kids are treated as fragile and incapable.

Kong Academy empowers kids to become physically and emotionally strong through play and movement, because kids deserve the education they need to face and better the world.

Available Products

Ninja Training KAlendar

28 days of at-home activities that will get your child physically active, boost their creativity, encourage strategic thinking, and cultivate problem-solving skills.

Just print the PDF for the day to get your kids moving, off the screens, and out of your hair.  

best for ages 6-8

Kong Fit Movement Package

Kong Fit Movement for Kids gives you access to over 50 videos that will get your kid's hearts pumping, build coordination, and strengthen their muscles.

All lessons include components of our social and emotional development curriculum. Your kids get to train their bodies, brains, and hearts at the same time: win-win-win!

best for ages 6-8

Free for Life :)

Try our Zombie, Lava, Hurricane game,

10min. Living Room Parkour class,


7 off-screen movement activities

Thriving Kids Parenting Course

Exhausted by the time the day starts?

Fed up with energy-draining power struggles, never-ending negotiations, and the feeling you are just not "cut out" to be the parent you always wanted to be? 

You are in the right place!

Kong Kids Success Toolbox

Your Kong Kids Success Toolbox helps your kids learn those crucial life skills they don't get taught at school. How to develop a growth mindset, set and achieve goals and most important: how to control their emotions. Just imagine how much easier parenting is going to be!  

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