Welcome to our NEW online program! Have fun & BE SAFE!

Free for Life :) What's next 🀸🏽😎??

What's next 🀸🏽😎??

Like the movement videos and activities? Want your kids to move more and have access to a TON 🏋️ of material that will help you:

👉 keep your kids moving and playing, and just generally be more active

👉 guide your kids on their journey to develop social and emotional skills

👉 become the rock 🌟 parent you deserve to be

Here are some options how we can serve you, your kids and your entire family:

  1. Join Kong Kids Worldwide. The ONLY parkour-based online movement club for kids. First month is completely for FREE! You have NOTHING to lose and A LOT to gain 😎.
  2. Are you locale to Seattle? Join one of our in-person classes or camps! 
  3. Have parenting questions that keep you up at night?? Join one of our FREE live parenting classes. Here is the Zoom link. No registration necessary! Most Saturdays at 9am, Curt Jordan, the founder of Kong Academy covers a parenting topic followed by a Q&A session.
  4. SOON TO COME: On-demand parenting course. Covers everything you need to know about parenting to make sure you and your kids thrive!

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What's next 🀸🏽😎??

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