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Free for Life :) Move Along and Play with Us! Let's play a game! (Zombie Lava Hurricane)

Let's play a game! (Zombie Lava Hurricane)

Kids learn best through play and movement, so let's play a game!

🧟 ZOMBIE - hide!

🌋 LAVA - the ground is lava, get on something!

🌪️ HURRICANE - huddle with you!

Extra challenge: see if your child can come up with their own ideas that can be included in the game and play it all together!!

(for example: DRAGON - a fire breathing dragon will fly by in 10 seconds, so you have to get under something or use something as a shield!)

While playing this game, your child is working their:

  • Executive Functioning Skills (working memory, planning, task initiation)
  • Spatial Awareness (where things are in relation to themselves)
  • Cognitive Flexibility (the brain's ability to adapt to new, changing, or unplanned events)
  • Gross Motor Skills (energy, flexibility, and body awareness)

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