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Thriving Kids Parenting Course

Thriving Kids Parenting is not a quick fix that won't last. It's not "257 tips and tricks" that you won't remember when you are "in the moment".

It's based on your family values, on how you want your family life to look like. You get to choose. We are here to guide you every step along the way.

The modules are all based on each other. Consequences without rules make no sense, rules that are not based on values are based on ... what? Whatever you come up with in the moment? I'm sure you've been there. And I'm sure you have noticed that it doesn't work.

We have worked with thousands of kids. Every part of the course has been tested, and tested, and tested again. We know it works and we know it will transform your family life and your relationship with your kids!

Want to know how it's done? Here is a list with everything you have access to in the Thriving Kids Parenting Course:

  • What do you have access to in the Thriving Kids Parenting Course:

    • 5 On-demand modules (videos and workbooks). You have lifetime access to the following content:
      • 01. Create Rules Based On Your Family Values
      • 02. Consequences that Make Sense
      • 03. Routines and Why They Matter
      • 04. How to Deal with Challenging Behavior
      • 05. Developmental Stages and Needs
    • Private WhatsApp Group. An intimate group of Thriving Kids Parenting members. It's the place to ask questions, share wins, and connect with your fellow parents. It takes a village to raise a family. We are honored to be part of your village. And we want to make sure you have other parents to connect with. We often believe we are the only ones who struggle with raising our kids. You are not alone! Everyone has challenges. 
    • Individual support for any questions you may have. Via the WhatsApp group, you can reach out to us with any questions you have, whether it's about the content, ways to implement it or if you've tried something and it doesn't work out. We are here to help!
    • Access to our 7-Day Crystal Shard Movement Adventure for Kids (6-8y). Dive into a world of magical lands with our 7-day adventure, designed to ignite your child's imagination and energize their mind and body.

7 Modules

How To Use The Content

Watch this short video to find out how to start to take your parenting to the next level!

Create Rules Based on Your Values

Rules create stability in your home. This module will set the foundation for everything! If you want to fight less, and increase the chances your child will grow up with the values you hope to install in them then you're at the right place.

Consequences that Make Sense

Rules mean nothing without consequences. In this module, we’ll teach you how to implement consequences so they affect your child's behavior. Come learn best practices so you're not left trying to figure out what to do when things go upside down.

Routines and Why They Matter

Routines sound simple and they are and they are not. This module will show you how to set them up and how to follow through! 

How to Deal with Challenging Behavior

We are all emotional creatures and to be honest we don't always behave the way we hope we would. Tantrums, defiance, blaming, the list goes on. What do you do when these behaviors occur? Go through the module, watch the videos, complete the workbook and watch your kids thrive!

Modules for this product 7
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